Fabian Blache III

Public Speaker, Writer, and Consultant in Baton Rouge, LA

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You’ve landed at Fabian Blache III. He’s a public speaker living in Baton Rouge, LA., and a fan of reading, technology, and music. He’s also interested in movies and writing. You can read his articles with a click on the button above.

Fabian Blache III has been an avid reader, music lover, security practitioner and problem solver for over 34 years. He loved to sing, listen to music, catch first-run movies and spend time with his family.

Since a young age he could read, he and spent countless hours during school and summer vacations gobbling up newspapers, magazines and books of all varieties.

Whether it be Stephen King, George Friedman or Edgar Allen Poe, Fabian Blache III never met a book he didn’t like. In fact, he would suffer through reading poorly written books just to look for the golden nuggets of wisdom he could find hidden in the pages.

His love for music began when an uncle turned him onto quality audio and jazz. Fabian Blache III would spend hours listening, dissecting and recreating voices he admired. Almost acting like a sort of vocal mimic but with singing rather than spoken voices.

All of this caused him to focus on the messages behind the artists. He realized that there were far more vehicles of delivery for learning and information than just a text book. Taking solace in a paperback fiction or hard cover non-fiction while simultaneously listening to Classical music, Jazz or Rhytm and Blues proved to be pure bliss.

Over time, Fabian realized that his perspectives on life were maturing and developing in ways that his schools could not cultivate on their own. It became clear to him that people had to read to grow.

Over time, his desire to serve in the NYPD would become a dream come true and his relationship with security would shape his career path for the rest of his life.

Today he runs the LSBPSE and regularly consults on security across the globe. He enjoys fishing, spending time with his family and playing with his dog. Most recently, Fabian Blache III created a new certification program for private security officers called S.U.R.G.E. (Security Urgent Response Global Endorsement).


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